Haptics: Definition


HAPTIK: A term that is on everyone’s lips, but still not understood by everyone.

In the German Duden you can find: “Hap | tik, the; (Greek): [Teaching of the sense of touch]; Hhap | table. “”

Commonly, however, ‘ haptics ‘ is used in the sense of “haptic impression”: That things trigger a sensation when touching.

If this sensation is not an arbitrary one, but rather one that can be predicted, we come to what we mean by haptic communication.




And this is an issue of overriding importance.

Because parallel to the one big worldwide trend, the digital/virtual one, another is growing rapidly. A haptic market, as we call it. It has to do with the existing longing for real communication and real products. In the design according to haptic criteria and the development of brain- and emotion-oriented materials has priority.




In this haptic market there are sub-markets, such as: i.e. the textile haptic market or a haptic plastic market. This ensures that different rules of the game are established in established industries. This applies in particular to the previous “print and paper market”, which is transforming itself into a haptic market of real communication.


Botschaften durch Haptik kommunizieren