Haptical Presenting


Haptic presentation. Make yourself and your content tangible.


Imagine a conference or trade fair where you present yourself and your products. What are you doing?


Surely you will …

…  Show pictures and texts on the flip chart or via Powerpoint, distribute brochures, show videos – so you will represent yourself VISUELL.

…  Give speeches, give texts for the best -so you will present yourself ACOUSTICALLY and AUDIBLY.


Probably you will …cupcake-252805 _ 1280

…  Provide appetizers and drinks. Possibly also more in the sense of a detailed hospitality – thus address the palate, present yourself “GUSTATORICALLY”.


And maybe you will …

… Create a good atmosphere: Fresh air, flowers, maybe you even do professional fragrance marketing and present yourself “OLFACTORICALLY.”


But as you know, people have FIVE SENSES.

And as so often, this one doesn’t get a chance: THE HAPTIC SENSE!

Do you want to change that?

Do you want to give your audience something that complements and supports the meaning of your lecture? That what you have to say, and not least you yourself, will be remembered better?

Then please get in touch with us.


Source: pixabay.com/de

Botschaften durch Haptik kommunizieren