Haptic Markets

The development of haptic markets:

A global megatrend that is not yet recognized as such by most-despite already high economic relevance.

Haptic markets emerge from a consequential counter-movement to the (still) worldwide megatrend No. 1-digitization and virtualization. Both markets are evolving into something completely new depending on each other.


The rules of the game in these markets apply, how and where they develop and how they are increasingly changing the world – Alfred König focuses his attention on this in his lectures and seminars.

According to Alfred König, for example, the printing and paper market is not at all over, but has chances for an unexpected upswing – as an important sub-market in the megatrend Haptic market. But it must and will look very different from what it does now and the question is who of the current market participants will play in it …


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