Haptic Communication


From haptics to haptic communication.


How does it work? In any case, not by the principle of chance. For example, this does not mean that at the end of a design process a paper or finishing that “somehow feels good” is quickly selected for print media production.

Surely this will not be enough to achieve impressive results.
However, it will often be a waste of money.


When we talk about haptic communication, we actually mean that the message to be communicated is transported by very specific haptic sensations and that those triggered sensations are predictable and, of course, are the intended ones.

To achieve this as a first step we build up your haptic profile in accordance to your corporate identity:

The end result is your unmistakable “Corporate Haptics”.


Be aware that in a changing world there are not only digital markets, 
The second megatrend are the haptic markets.


We are the right people to help you truly understand these markets.


The haptics “pointed”                                                                                                           The haptics “rough”

Peter Smola http://www.pixelio.de/media/562090
Oliver Mohr http://www.pixelio.de/media/441225











Touching and being touched – these are human basic needs. And the haptic sense is our actual guiding sense. Hard to imagine in a visually oriented world, i.e. one that communicates predominantly through images.

Nevertheless, it is true.


Our sense of sight and hearing have meanwhile become so dulled and trimmed to immediately reduce everything new to simple familiar patterns that people can hardly be reached in this way. Our haptic sense has not only remained naïve and curious, in times of virtual communication it hungers for stimulation.



The haptics “hot”                                                                                                                    The haptics “cold”

Marco Barnebeck http://www.pixelio.de/media/155003
Marit Peters http://www.pixelio.de/media/368772











We at König Konzept have been dealing with haptic communication for a long time, understood as communication via haptic messages. Together with you, we develop concepts for new design and presentation paths that leave the beaten track and open up new options.

Especially when you are dealing with paper, printing and print finishing, the targeted use of haptics is the topic to score points against flat digital media.

We probably have more experience with haptics than anyone else.


Would you like to learn more about what haptic communication is all about?

Visit our seminar “Do you speak haptic?” This is the name of our basic seminar on haptic communication, in which we show you how to get to “Corporate Haptics”.

Many thanks to the photographers for the pictures on this website.

Botschaften durch Haptik kommunizieren